Ideals Data Room Review

Ideals data room will ensure that your data is safe and efficiently stored. The provider provides advanced features like drag-and-drop uploading, multilingual support and a simple interface. The service is compatible with all devices and doesn’t require any plug-ins. In addition, you can utilize a powerful search engine to find documents within the file. Furthermore, you can download or print files in over 25 different formats and edit them in the browser.

This data room provides detailed reports about the manner in which each document has been used. It is possible to track the time per page of a particular document minute by minute. Additionally, the platform allows users to clone a data room for a brand new project and run multiple rooms simultaneously. The software safeguards sensitive data from screenshotting by blocking access to specific documents and folders.

Other features of the ideals data rooms include a Q&A section with real-time auditing, as well as different levels of access. You can also track a specific user’s search history as well as monitor their activities.

The cost of the software is slightly higher than other providers of virtual data rooms However, there is a trial time that you can take advantage of to see if it can meet your requirements. The company also offers an online video tutorial to users who aren’t familiar with the program to help them get started.

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